How To Use Papaya Leaves To Treat Dengue Patients

Dengue fever has been classified as a plague in Pakistan and therefore the number of individuals it infects continues to rise. The cure is restricted to taking tons of rest and staying hydrated; acetaminophen are often administered for the pain. Dengue takes a toll on the platelets and white blood cells, and leaves the patient extremely fatigued and during a tremendous amount of pain.
One home remedy that has been referred by many patients of dengue, is that the use of papaya leaf juice to extend platelet count. An thorough survey showed how over the course of 5 days, papaya leaf juice increased the WBC count also because the NEUT%.

How to prepare papaya leaves
Method 1:

Wash the papaya leaves thoroughly and dry them. Now place them during a blender and blend them alright , the juices of the leaves are going to be extracted. Have 2 tablespoons of this mixture twice each day . you’ll add some sugar to mask the taste of the bitter leaves and a few water to form the consistency smoother. you’ll strain the mixture through a muslin cloth (malmal ka kapra).

Method 2:

Chop clean papaya leaves and add during a saucepan with thrice the quantity of water. allow them to boil until the water is reduced by half. Strain this concentrated juice and drink 1 / 4 glass, twice each day .

The benefits of papaya
Papaya contains two active compounds referred to as papain and chymopapain, which are commonly used for the treatment of digestive disorders. the whole fruit (ripe and unripe), inclusive of the seeds, stem, root, and fruit flesh contains benefits starting from anti-microbial to anti-malarial properties.

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