Dangerous Junk Foods For Health in 2020


We all know that good eating requires eating five groups, but there are still many people who do not follow. Therefore, the result is the body is weak and has the disease. Not healthy enough to fight various diseases. Also, the diet in this era has changed dramatically which in most cases is not as good as it should be because today’s food has a risk factor for developing many more terrifying diseases.

You may feel a bit tired of your food choices. But that will work for you because you do not have to risk the disease and to suffer from conditions that you do not desire. Of course, you may not like how much the menu says below. It’s a dangerous menu and almost all of your favorite tt’s, but don’t be too worried. It’s not that you eat those risky menus, it’s not a waste at all.

  • There are many types of sausages in the market. Each type has different ingredients. Including a mixture of synthetic materials that are included with many kinds, such as preservatives intended to extend the life of the sausage for longer, nitrite substances that help the sausage sticky, soft. If eaten a lot, it will accumulate in the body until you have cancer, including cancer in the blood. Stomach cancer bladder cancer and brain tumors but the danger is not all that far because don’t forget that the sausage won’t be able to be shaped into a long bar without a ” tube bag.” of course, this tube bag must be unusual.
  • French Fries, a menu of obstacles that are truly feminine beauty! With frying that requires a lot of oil. It, therefore, makes you fat quickly. And frying potatoes requires high heat. And when in the high temperature A chemical called ” acrylamide ” will appear. Which this substance is a carcinogen and the oil that is used is repeatedly frying throughout the day Will cause ” oxidizing ” and causing contaminants in potato chips And adversely affecting your health Causing the body to receive carcinogens in the end If you really want to eat, you should buy your potato chips at home with new oil.

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