9 Major Causes of black eyes in Winter

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  1. Inheritance, whether from parents, relatives, siblings, if you have black eye relatives, it may be genetically inherited Which is not necessary that every child will have a black eye Especially those with white skin It will make the darker more visible than people with yellow, brown or black skin, which causes this treatment and prevention is quite difficult than other causes.
  2. Dark eye due to balancing conditions such as insufficient sleep, lack of sleep, and lack of sleep. This is a common cause in today’s society. Because it causes poor blood circulation Blood supply decreases, blood vessels become narrower, causing more dark circles, the fatigue of the nervous system from stress. Mood swings, eating cold food during menstruation, eating too much flour and sweets Until causing metabolic processes There is a lot of carbon dioxide. Darkening the blood, having too much sex Will result in loss of vitality and essential substances, chronic illness or loss of chronic energy, more acidic conditions Which have many factors such as food, drugs, toxins, liver disease, etc., hypocalcemia, hypothyroidism of the liver and kidneys. (Will have a pale face, fear of cold, cold limbs, have clear vaginal discharge, waist aches, heat symptoms on palms, soles of feet, low fever, frequent dreams, insomnia, etc.) etc.
  3. Older The orphaned skin gradually decreases with age, so blood vessels emerge to appear as dark skin or to cause dark circles under the eyes caused by sagging skin under the eyes. Until causing a dark shadow under the eyes, dark spots due to this cause are often found wrinkles around the eyes. In extreme cases, there may be bags under the eyes. The doctor will usually treat by using various devices such as a radio frequency laser that can tighten the skin under the eyes. Injection of fillers to make wrinkles look more shallow Or in very large cases with large bags under the eyes may need to be treated with surgery
  4. The skin under the eyes, some dark circles caused by having some skin under the eyes or the fat layers under the skin that are thinner Which is usually caused by blood vessels under the Dark skin circles under the eyes from this cause tend to be purple and very noticeable on the inner corner of the eye. Especially during menstruation Which must be treated with a laser to remove the veins Or inject fillers to make the skin look thicker.

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