Asthma symptoms, causes, treatment, prevention methods


Asthma or that person is generally referred to as ” asthma,” is a disease caused by the contraction or narrowing of the airway occasionally. Causing the patient to have chronic shortness of breath, but most do not have serious harm. Except in cases of severe or not being treated properly. It may cause a permanent obstructive airway or even cause death.

Asthma affects the quality of life, and the life of the patient, for example, in children, causes slow development. Unable to study and work unable to perform daily activities or play sports normally especially when the weather fluctuates or has a lot of toxic pollution patients are more affected in their lives. They can have life-threatening consequences, so patients should be aware of themselves and be prepared to deal with potential exacerbations and continue to receive proper treatment.

This disease is common and is likely to occur in both children and adults. But the prevalence is between 10-12 years of age. In infancy, it is found in boys about 1.5-2 times more than girls. Most symptoms tend to occur for the first time before the age of 5 years. First, at a young age and old age.

Causes of asthma

Many common factors cause this disease. Both heredity the immune system, infection, and the environment resulting in chronic inflammation of the blood vessels makes the bronchial more sensitive to various stimuli than ordinary people, which is why causing bronchial muscle contractions swelling of the bronchial wall tissue and has a lot of phlegm in the trachea. Therefore, the overall effect is to narrow the bronchial tubes, resulting in reversible airway obstruction, which can be restored to normal or after drug use.

Some patients may have continuous bronchitis for years. If not treated. The structure of the windpipe properly will gradually change until finally there is an abnormal (airway remodeling) type. (irreversible) causing permanent obstructive airway conditions

Patients often have a history of other allergies, such as allergic rhinitis. Skin from allergies and often have parents, grandparents, or relatives with asthma or other allergies. In addition, there are also found factors that increase the risk of this disease, including infants whose mothers smoke while pregnant, babies who are born prematurely or have a low birth weight, have been exposed to large amounts of allergens since the first year, children living in homes where their parents smoke, the addiction buyer virus from a particular virus.


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