7 Effective Ways to Weight Loss in 2020

Weight Loss

1. Limit the amount of food in each meal

Eat as much breakfast as possible. The middle meal is the second day after breakfast. As for dinner, it should be a meal to a minimum. Or just eating a plate of fruit or salad

2. Must exercise at least three times a week

Each time should not be less than 30 minutes; the girls should exercise regularly. To continuously burn that excess fat And once the fat is broken down. The next exercise will strengthen our muscles and prevent them from returning fat.

3. Refrain from foods that are high in fat.

This method is the method that will help reduce the belly the best. Because our tummy is the first place our body will take fat Excess to keep

4. For exercise to lose weight

We must also focus on the rhythmic movement as well to be effective, such as dancing, running, swimming, aerobics.

5. Do specific exercises to reduce belly

If girls Want to exercise only to reduce belly Should exercise in the morning to get the best results. Because in the morning is the time that various systems The intestine is working If exercising, it will increase the metabolism in this area more than usual.

6. If we want to lose belly effectively

The main heart of this topic is to allow our abdominal muscles to move continuously. If the belly reduction posture you choose doesn’t work like this Meaning that position is a position that does not matter Regardless of how hard exercise But our belly didn’t move at all Equally, we lose free labor.

7. Management postures to reduce belly

Regardless of what you choose to do, We should do at least 15 per set; then we gradually increase the number of sets up to 3 sets in 1 time.


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