6 tips to lose weight without diet or exercise

Weight Loss

1. Proteins are the key

It has long been known that proteins curb hunger and provide satiety. One study found that “you only” need to increase your protein intake by 15 to 30 percent: study participants consumed about 441 fewer calories a day, without following a strict diet. So in the future, it will be better to take foods such as eggs, Greek yogurt, or chicken breast.

2. Choose foods that contain water

Not only do proteins make you less hungry: Jaclyn London, Director of Nutrition at the Good House Keeping Institute, recommends foods with high water content. If you start the meal with salad or soup, you will satisfy your hunger and eat less during the main course.

3. Baby, baby, baby!

Speaking of water: If you drink enough, you will eat less in general. This can only cause you to lose more weight. According to one study, adults consume significantly fewer calories if they drink half a liter of water before each meal.

4. Do not eat too fast

If you are hungry, we often devour everything. Researchers have shown why this is the wrong way. A total of 23 studies reveal that people who eat fast tend to get fat. On the other hand, those who eat more slowly and take their time to chew, feel full more quickly – and therefore create better conditions for losing weight.

5. Don’t get distracted

Two dozen studies showed that people who were confused with food consumed about 10 percent more calories than others. So be more careful in the future when you play with your smartphone, and there is a bag full of chips next to you. The chance that you gain weight is great.

6. Beat your brain

It sounds silly, but it is effective: if you eat injurious foods, you should use smaller plates. This reduces the food portions. However, for healthy meals, you must choose larger dishes, both of which will satisfy your brain that you are eating enough.


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