benefits of a healthy jump rope

5 Amazing benefits of a healthy jump rope

Weight Loss

Anyone who is looking for ways to look after their health through exercise. Recommend another form of exercise that is Skipping rope Those who are tired of the same methods Who regularly exercise Try to switch to alternating exercises like rope skipping. There are many benefits. Good for both physical and mental health

1. Burns calories well. Helps to lose weight

1-hour skipping can burn up to 1,300 kilocalories of calories. If compared with a shorter distance, it is Continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes. Burning calories is equal to running at a distance of 1.6 kilometers.

2. Practicing meditation helps the brain develop

Data from the United States Skipping Institute revealed that skipping rope can help improve both the left and right brain. It helps to concentrate better. Because when jumping rope, you have to focus your mind on jumping so you can focus on what you are doing.

3. Good for the heart and blood vessels

According to a study from the American College of Sports Medicine, jumping rope will help the heartbeat, lungs expand, can pump blood to the heart better. The researchers recommend jumping rope at least 12-20 minutes at a time. And do at least 3-5 times a week. The body will become stronger. The heart and lungs system is stronger than before. Will make you feel less tired when doing various activities as well

4. Strong muscles and bones

Skipping is an aerobic exercise. And is considered a non-violent physical movement While also exercising almost every part Is the use of muscles throughout the body and is not at risk of injury, Dr. Daniel W. Barry, assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Colorado, along with a team of researchers to study premature deterioration in professional athletes. And found that jumping rope is the exercise that helps to strengthen the bone to the best.

5. Reduce stress

While exercising by jumping rope, You will feel fun, relax, clear, breathe more. If anyone who is stressed heavily, It can help relieve anxiety. Stress has suggested playing fun music to help make even more fun.


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